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An introduction to personalised usb memory sticks:

At Mfatech we deal with the provision of promotional usb: . So, what are they?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and most people will be very familiar with the fact that it is a mechanism which was created in the 90s to facilitate the connection between peripheral devices (such as MP3 Players, printers and external hard drives) and computers. There are other mechanisms in existence that do the same job as a Branded usb (Firewire for example) but nothing has been as popular as the USB.

Promotional USB are therefore best defined as personalised usb memory sticks that can bear the logo and text of the company or organisation that commission them. They essentially bear the logo of that organisation and are therefore a great giveaway at shows and exhibitions, fresher’s weeks etc. They are truly promotional USB when they bear the brand of the organisation, which is why you also hear to them being referred to as branded usb sticks.

These branded usb sticks have exactly the same aim as floppy disks did before them. Namely a storage device which can be employed to load and then transport files from one computer to another computer.

Promotional USB contains flash memory. This is a computer chip that acts as a store for memory. It is attached to a branded usb mechanism. The chip has the ability to store wipe-able data. They are considered to be very robust because there are no moving parts in flash memory. They are electrical rather than mechanical devices.

As we all know, you can also transmit and store data in The Cloud. The cloud though is however, nothing more than a collection of computers. It is in fact another word for the world wide web. If someone offers you storage in the cloud, they are in fact offering you storage on a computer somewhere. It could be anywhere. The point is that it is reach via your telephone line (usually) and not by cabling that exists in your house/office/college.

So why do people use personalised usb memory sticks to transmit and store data when they can use the cloud?

  1. Speed. The speed of promotional USB drives is very high compared to that of a standard web connection. Click here for more information on that.
  2. Cost. Cloud based storage is high compared to the cost of a branded usb stick.
  3. Ease. The web isn’t everywhere. Or at least not yet. A branded usbcan fit in your pocket and is easy to pop in and out of a computer.

Promotional USB are quite light. Usually only in the region of 15 to 20 grams. They vary in size and shape but a typical branded usb sticks is about 50 mm x 15 mm x 5 mm. There are literally thousands of models to choose from but we prefer to only offer the most popular shapes. Click Here for more information and to see our range of branded usb.

In the beginning the format was USB 1.0. Then came USB 2.0 and now we have the super-fast USB 3.0. The interface mechanism shows no signs of going away and is as popular as ever. This is why promotional usb are also still proving popular. If organisations can get their logo onto a gadget such as a branded usb stick then there is a good change that the recipient will use it to interface with his or her computer. Branded usb come in a variety of different capacities but the most popular re 1 gb and 2 gb. Click Here for more information.

In order to capture your customer’s interest you need to have an effective and innovative promotional USB product that differentiates you from your competitors. By creating your own personalised usb memory sticks for use at trade shows, or as corporate gifts, you will not be easily forgotten and your customer will be getting an effective, attractive product that they will want to keep forever.

The process for developing your own Promotional USB is as easy as 1,2,3. Firstly you need to let your imagination run wild and come up with some ideas for designs Take a look at the proofs provided by a graphics team at the factory and decide on any modifications. Pay for the branded usb sticks product and receive the order ready to wow your colleagues and customers.

The cost of producing your own promotional USB is not exorbitant, and the more that are ordered the less the additional cost is per unit. Normally customers opt for a PVC finish (i.e. a rubberised plastic finish) which is the most flexible finish available and still hard wearing, good-looking and tactile. The average additional price (based on an order of 1000) per unit of a branded usb is only about 50p. For the fantastic unique branding opportunity afforded by these products it could be a very cost effective component within a promotional plan. Alternative methods of creating a branded usb include metal casting and using ABS plastic. Both these alternative manufacturing options are more time consuming (you are looking at 3 to 4 weeks of lead time) and a lot more expensive, however they can yield very convincing.

It's not too late or too early to order promotional USB for your corporate Christmas gifts...

You may think sometimes, that you have missed the boat for ordering special promotional products for your customers, but think again. You could place an order for unique, useful and effective promotional products for your customers in plenty of time for Christmas. Personalised usb memory sticks would make the perfect corporate Christmas present or exhibition giveaway. You could have a special message saved on the flash drive which, using the autorun facility, would play as soon as the branded usb sticks was inserted into the computer. Of course you could also have your company logo branded onto the flashdrive so that it would advertise your company for the life of the memory stick (most have a shelf life of at least 10 years).

The price for this branded usb corporate Christmas gift or exhibition giveaway could be as little as 1.50 pounds sterling (approx. 2.25 USD) which would therefore provide an extremely cost effective investment. In terms of timescale for ordering, you would need to allow approximately 7-9 days for production and delivery for branded drives with a data upload (after approval of the simulated image and payment) and slightly less time if there is no data upload.

Firstly, choose a design you like from our promotional USB product page and contact us with your specifications (i.e. the quantity required, the memory capacity, the colour, and any other requirements you may have e.g. key ring etc).

Secondly, decide on whether the quote we provide in response to your specifications works for you so that you can place an order.

Thirdly, sit back and wait for your branded usb order to be delivered to your door.

It really is as simple as; 1, 2, 3, branded usb.

USB Sticks : Article 5 : Worldwide Sales

In recent years the popularity of USB sticks, whether they are branded USB drive, branded USB memory sticks, cheap USB flash drives or custom USB UK, introduced only in the middle of the nineties, has increased exponentially


Formerly the recording and storage of information was confined to what have later been termed ‘dumb’ storage devices, amongst which were floppy discs, CDs, compact flash cards and smart media devices as we;; as other removable storage devices, more intelligent self computing portable solutions, such as branded USB drives, have evolved to new levels of sophistication.

USBs, branded USB memory sticks and custom USB UK drives , have, in fact, so much in their favour that they are rapidly replacing all other recording and storage types available in the market place.

Over recent years the market has shown healthy growth, and this could have been expected to continue, but the recession affecting all markets has put a brake on this expansion and the USB market has been alerted to a possible fall back in sales volumes of branded USB memory sticks as customers struggle to come to terms with their situation.

In this competitive marketplace, with the concomitant deceleration in growth, innovation, the improvement of the facilities offered by any branded USB drive or branded USB memory stick, has become a necessary adjunct to the mere manufacture of already tested models. Such innovation has to be applied constantly in order to sustain customer interest. New value added features have to be incorporated, and creative industrial design and form factors have to be introduced all the time.


Europe and Asia, together with the Pacific market, account for a high proportion of all USB sales, particularly as costs have come down, and cheap USB drives have become more accessible and available at a reasonable price, but, here, as elsewhere, the depressingly flat or non existent growth in personal disposable incomes in 2008 and 2009 remained a limiting factor in the growth of any market, including USB flash drives.


Since then, with innovation and a robust application of new ideas the USB market has gone from strength to strength and it is forecast that from 550million to 3billion devices will be in use by 2018. This includes branded USB drives, branded USB memory sticks, cheap USB flash drives and custom USB / UKs.

One important aspect of these forecasts is the introduction of the USB Standard 3.0, with its capacity increased to 5Gbps, almost ten times what was formerly available, 480Mbps.

Determining and defining what branded USB drives and branded USB memory sticks are actually used and in what proportion and who is using them is more difficult. There is a natural tendency to assume that, together with other advanced communication devices, a younger percentile would make up the majority of end users but, as the acceptance of USBs becomes more generally universal, older people are taking to them with the same enthusiasm as the young.

The standard 3.0 custom USB / UK is also used in connecting disk drives, digital cameras, which can be connected directly to the printers, thus obviating the need for an intermediate computer, network adapters of all sorts, keyboards and many other devices, for the list is constantly expanding, without the help of a PC.

. .

The main attraction of the USB is, however, its adaptability and increased power, with increased maximum bus power and better power management being significant factors in the latest development of USBs. Already almost all computers are supplied with USB ports that will accept the connection of branded USB drives, branded USB memory sticks, custom USB / UK and cheap USB flash drives


It is to be expected that the existing markets for USB will experience increased penetration over the next few years and, in addition, new markets will open up as technology, led, perhaps by cheap USB flash drives , is introduced to areas not, as yet, open to the use of USBs.

Nevertheless predicting a future that depends on so many diverse and contradictory elements, an art rather than a science, can never be accurate. Even if external factors do not significantly disturb the economic life of the planet, or regions of it, the growth of the USB market must conform to the restraints of all economic activity as competing systems eventually reach a saturation point, over competition based on a small diversity of attributes and, inevitably, the replacement of the USB with another innovation of the communications market, will greatly affect the capability of the market to expand beyond a certain point.

The winners in this will be those who have kept abreast of, and reacted to, the various diverse trends that affect all ground breaking products……so that new generations of USBs, whether they conform to the specifications of branded USB drives, branded USB memory sticks, custom USB / UK or cheap USB flash drives.


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